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As a small scale beekeeper I care passionately about my bees: our honey is carefully extracted making sure that the bees have enough left for themselves. It is then filtered to remove any impurities before bottling. It is neither heat treated nor blended so the distinctive ‘raw’ taste and antibacterial qualities are maintained in every drop. As honey is harvested seasonally, there may be times when some of our products are out of stock. Also, the texture and flavour may vary throughout the season depending on what the bees are foraging on. For example, Spring honey is usually soft set, whereas the honey harvested at the end of the Summer is almost always runny.

We like to make other things with honey too, ensuring every single drop gets used. We follow tried and tested recipes, replacing refined sugar with the honey made by our bees. We don’t use any preservatives, additives, setting or gelling agents preferring to keep the finished product as natural as possible. There is a core list of products which our honey customers tell us they love and we experiment with new recipes all the time, depending on the honey yield. We always ensure the bees have first dibs of the honey they make – they’re the ones who work so hard for it.

Have a look through some of the delicious things on offer, if you like honey, you might see something else you want to try as well.


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